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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 14, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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with lightning bolts, this is not a scene out of x men, they have guns in their houses, think load their magazines and play with their guns and people know it. >> reporter: a friend of one of the victims ran to the corner after hearing the gunfire. >> i was like please stay with us, don't die. he wanted to call his baby mama. >> police able to response quickly. the crime scene is back because after the shooting, one of the victims got up and ran into a home in a near by area. >> he don't bother nobody. he wasn't do anything but standing on the corner. >> once the evidence is cleared from the streets, the commissioner hopes the sense of outrage remains that enough is enough. >> in this city where people
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are getting shot, they are going to chase them, bad guys with guns have to go to jail. the parents of teenager found dead have asked the city to open the investigation. they say the police will not do so. she disappeared last year. she was found in family car, they believe she died from an overdose of the medication for her nearly pierced ears. baltimore police investigating a hit and run car
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accident that killed a father and grandfather. live at city police headquarters headquarters. why police believe a drunk driver is to blame. 62-year-old james little jr. run over and killed as he was walking on green spring avenue. he was kill bay 20-year-old woman what they have been driving under the influence. the family wants justice. >> she knows right from wrong and we have to stand judgment for what we do. go gives us a choice and she chose to get behind the wheel drinking. >> they say she almost hit another car but swerved and then hit james james little jr.
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she fled the scene but they found her later. the headlights were broken and the shattered windshield had hair and blood on it. she was given a breathalyzer. they smelled alcohol on her breath yet she was released from custody, why? >> prosecutors have to be careful to avoid any double jeopardy in the charges process. >> reporter: state's attorney office draws a parallel to the hit-and-run accident that killed a college student that crossed the street. they will wait to file all of the charges at one time so the driver does not get off on the technicality. >> make sure the drunk drivers are convicted and the convictions result in the longest possible jail term.
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>> thank you. james little jr. survived by three daughters. there's no word on what caused a fire at a million dollar home in baltimore county. more on the investigation. >> flames destroyed the home in 12,000 block of nancy lee court and they could see smoke and flames as they headed to the home last night. the second story was consumed by fire and the fire was so intense, crews could only battle it from outside the house. they had to request a tanker strike team because it's in an area that does not have fire hydrants. crews used 17,000-gallons of water fighting the fire. a fire damaged two boats in the marina. it started on one boat and spread to a luxury boat.
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a small amount of gas leaked into the harbor. the coast guard were called to contain the spill. no one was injured in the blaze. baltimore city and port america excited to announce plans to the 2010 new years spectacular. live where the stage will be set for the biggest fireworks display in the region. >> i hope it's as warm as it is tonight. >> baltimore will light the night with a new year's eve spectacular. this official kickoff is just a little taste of what is to be expected for thousands coming to the inner harbor this year.
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the new year's eve spectacular. >> it's going to be a year that we have never experienced with the fireworks and presencation, i think it's going to be phenomenal. we had a taste of it at mount vernon, i think this year, there's going to be a lot of firsts and with the music with the whole event, i encourage families to come out and join us. >> the mayor arrived by tug boat to kick off the celebration celebration. responsible for 19,000 jobs. >> we feel a great part of the city and the state and it's exciting to be part of the big event. >>reporter: remember in the hours leading up to the countdown, there's a boat load
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of entertainment. >> i think things are going to be great. >> reporting live, back to you on tv hill. >> thank you. a reminder, you can watch the celebration live here on wjz 13. a rather mild december evening across the region. a live look outside, will the warming trend continue or are more changes coming? an updated look at first warning weather. >> a few clouds moving in, overnight tonight, clouds here and there. temperatures on the mild side.
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nothing as far as precipitation is concerned. we got up to a mild 50 this afternoon and then starting to cool down again just in time for tomorrow night. talking about the temperatures in a few minutes. thank you. the ravens look to be in the driver's seat and the final destination is the playoffs. they took another step towards that goal by beating the lions. live with reaction and the fan cam. hi, mark. taking care of business, the business is winning games which they did decisively with a win
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over the lions. since john took over as head coach, the ravens have won every game and the struggling opponents make it look easy. they ran all over detroit's defense. the ravens set a team record with a roar record of 7-6. they remain in the race after a dominated win. >> offense, defense, special teams, maybe the first time we put it together in that fashion. >> to do what we did, it was special. >> we can't have any letdowns, it was great to go out there and score 48 points and shut the team down to 3 points and have these yards but it means nothing if we can't come back and duplicate it the following week. >> what most impressed you
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about the ravens win? >> i love rice, he's one of the best picks many the draft. i knew he would do well yesterday. >> when we start running, look out nfl . >> thank you. still ahead at 5:00, more trouble for tiger woods. the report tonight that authorities are investigating the safety of his children. eyewitness news in the downtown post office, today is the busiest day for holiday packages. when eyewitness news continues. tonight, concerns about one of most commonly used tests. what they're saying about ct
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scans. and the forecast with bob.
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major sponsors drop or distance themselves from tiger woods. there's more details that dcf went inside his home. more on the controversy. >> reporter: tiger woods has a ten month old daughter and 4- year-old son in their mansion. the spokesman told cbs news they could not confirm or deny rumors. it may response through a well being check or protective investigation. tmz says social workers went to
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his home and announced a break from golf to repair his marriage. the champion golfer's caddy says he knows nothing of his affairs. >> i know nothing about his own business. >> reporter: they worry what the absence means to the game. >> golf needs him more than i think, they say that there's nobody better at golf than the game itself. >> the firm dropped him. and at&t is evaluating its relationship with woods. >> brands like nike will not drop woods because they realize his value to the company and
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believe he will return more motivated to win. sharon gibala is in traffic control. it's gotten busier. a punch of accidents, one of the harrisburg expressway in the northbound lanes blocking the left lane. another one on mountain road at singer road. watch for five accidents in the city at east annapolis road. also one in cooksville working on southbound route 97 at i-70. slow at the beltway and looking at delays on the beltway, slowest spot is going to be on the west side inner loop 40 miles per hour with a 16-minute drive time. maybe a tap of the brakes between 895 at the beltway.
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area police are on the hunt for drunk drivers. 9 a big boost for law enforcement across the state. four crime labs will receive additional funds. they're from the burn justice act program. it assists the labs in analyzing crime scenes. dna evidence used to make 200 arrests this year. millions of americans scrambling to get their holiday packages shipped on time. seems like another day at the post office. >> it's busy. today is the heaviest retail day for the postal service. >> this is for my family and my brother steve, he's in florida. and then this is for my brother
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rick and his family. >> this is christmas. >> this is it. this took a lot. >> everyone realizes christmas is coming and have to get to the post office to mail packages. >> we bring in additional clerks on the window. >> nearly 100 million customers use the post office this season, many filled with relief. >> total relief. i'm done shopping. >> pretty soon you're done shipping. >> and shipping. >> over 3 million skip coming here and schedule a pickup using the internet. >> more and more people go online and do it as people get more going. they only do it one time of the
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year, but this sunday, downtown, they're going to have sunday hours to accept your packages to get them on their way in time. wjz eyewitness news. thank you. the downtown post office will be open from noon to 4:00. let's look at the temperatures, mild afternoon and mild night with 46 degrees. winds at 5, the barometer holding steady. looking at some more coming up.
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now, first warning weather, complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. >> beautiful. beautiful. cockeysville. that's from the sky, it's lit up like a christmas tree. got plenty of stuff there. let's look, trying to get into the holiday spirit, you need a little snow. i don't see any snow this week. by saturday night a slim chance of a few snow showers. but right now that's about it. the temperatures, mild night.
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58 in elkton. 49 packs river. 49 in hagerstown. we got up to 50 degrees today and the normal high is 46. low around 28 and tonight about 38, 46, temperatures tonight not going to jump a lot. there's some clouds around if the skies clear, we could see some patchy fog. the wind are light. keeping us moist. ocean city, you folks on the eastern show saw a lot of dense fog and schools delayed in many places. we saw patchy fog. didn't see any major issues. light snow into the great lakes moving across to ontario. a couple rain showers picking up across new york state and pennsylvania, but that's
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passing to the north. we have some clouds now, it's clear from d.c. south and when you get down to the southern georgia, more rain, this is going to pass through tonight to the north, behind it, another front crosses through and that will happen late in the day tomorrow and just before the front gets in, mile air, and late in the afternoon, the winds shift to the west and allowing the chilly air to move in. here's the front, coming through region tomorrow afternoon, colder and moving in and definitely colder for wednesday. maybe to around 40 compared to 50 today. dropping 8-10 degrees. eventually staying many the 30s to low 40s. a chilly end of the week. west winds 5-10 knots and a small cast ad vicely maybe
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patchy fog, 38, talking ten above normal 55 degrees with a mixture of clouds and sun and maybe a brief sprinkle and then winds to the west and temperatures fall but around 31 degrees tomorrow night with which is give above average. a little batch of cold air coming in, the rest of the week temperatures averages 6 degrees below average but dry. still ahead, a growing trend among teenagers. the marijuana debate. facing 26 years in prison for murdering her roommate. coming up a multimillion dollar fix to a traffic
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bottleneck. that story has we continue. you can tell when a salad's fresh express... ...and when it's not. fresh express salads are so consistently fresh and delicious... ...they're guaranteed. fresh express.
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no is wjz, and baltimore. from the city, to the counties to your neighborhood, now, it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. it's 5:28 and partly cloudy. welcome home. here's what people will be talking about, it's taken years but a massive highway interchange job is over. it's called the gateway to frederick on i-70. it replaces what was once a
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traffic bottleneck. >> the best view is from sky chopper 13 given the size of the interchange connecting i-70 to market street. >> this is the most significant traffic improvement in the last decade, serves as an early christmas present. >> a present that costs $107 million and took three years to build creating an easier way out . >> a large sinkhole on the westbound lanes of i 0770. >> it's suggest to erosion from running water.
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to protect it, a massive runoff pond has been built equipped with sensors it will keep water on the surface. >> we've lined the pond, but again, this is just an extra precaution to make sure that if the dam were to show some beginning signs of failure, we're taking precautions. >> 3, 2, 1, as the new gateway to frederick opens. wjz, eyewitness news. much of the funding comes from transportation dollars. >> homes may be better protected from carbon monoxide poisoning. all units must have detecters and installed in the common area outside of each sleeping area. it only requires building after that date to have the detectors. a vote expected next monday. a warning tonight about a
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man impersonating a police officer and making traffic stops. maryland state police say a man pulled a driver over and the drive says a fake cop took her license and drove off. he's described as a white man 6- feet tall. we'll learn from a if lawsuit against virginia tech will move forward. it stems from the deadly shooting. 32 people were killed and the families of two of the victims are suing for $10 million. their families suing the state of virginia and mental health officials. they say gross negligence led to the shooting. most of the families of the victims accepted a share of an $11 million state
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settlement. convict of murdering her roommate, 26 years in prison for amanda knox, she's speaking out tonight. >> reporter: two members of the italian parliament allowed to visit knox for ten minutes without cameras. >> her first wores are i'm scare. she say her lawyers and families are telling her to be tranquil and hopeful. >> during her trial, the prosecutor was said to be cold hearted. >> she seemed shy and timid an emotional. i seen her in the courtroom and thought she was kind of a tough young woman. i think this 26-year sentence has beaten her down a bit. >> reporter: that begin the moment she was led out of
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court. >> she felt horrendous and sobbing and the prison guards actually came in and held her throughout the night as she cried. >> she's hoping to finish her degree by correspondence. a new study shows one drug is more popular with teens and others. smoking marijuana is the most popular drug among teens. the debate on medical marijuana can make it appear safer. the study revealed teens cut down on smoking cigarettes but abusive prescription pain pills has increased. two just released studies about ct scans and a link to cancer. reporting for wjz, the scans are one of the most popular diagnostic tests used today.
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leslie has had a fever and exhaustion, if doctors using scans to figure out what is wrong. >> i've had approximately five scans over the last month and a half. >> now two new studies may have patients questioning the safety of ct scans. it can involve much higher doses of radiation than originally thought and could lead to new cases of cancer. it could be as high as 29,000. >> i don't want them to not get the scans they need, but we've started to use them for smaller reasons. >> reporter: they're becoming more common. 17million tests in 2007 alone. up from 3 million in 1980. they argue that no one knows the risk of developing cancer from radiation. >> the risk of you developing cancer because of it is
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extremely low. >> reporter: scientists trying to find new alternatives like this new scanner called the flash ct. doctors at the medical center says the new technology is faster and reduces radiation doses up to 90%. getting answers is the most important thing now. >> iniad to have -- need to have the test. this is the safer option. >> reporter: doctors agree it's important to weigh the risks but stress the benefits could be life saving. >> log onto a press for action on the health care overhaul, all 60 members of the caucus have been
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inviteed. moderate democrats make plans that include abortion. the taxpayers help you and now it's your time to help the taxpayers, that's the message from the president as he calls on banking executives to washington today. the two sides working to prevent another financial meltdown. >> reporter: president obama says he made one thing clear to this room full of bank executives. they may have pay their bailout loan but their obligation is far from over. >> now they're back on their feet, we expect a commitment from them to help rebuild our economy. >> reporter: according to the white house, 60% of the banks that took loans have paid them back with interest. many reporting profits again but consumers and small businesses are having trouble getting loans. the bankers say while people are asking for money, can they pay it back during a recession?
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>> we agree that more lending needs to be done. we're looking to make sure we don't put people in harm's way. >> white house meeting comes one day after the 60 minutes interview where he described the bankers as fat cats. congress is debating nutritioner reforms. the bankers say they're on board with most of the plan but feel some of the reforms go too far. they say the government may do more harm than good, both sides call it productive. the banks pledged to work on new programs to jump start lending. he urged them to work harder. wjz, eyewitness news. on a related note, citigroup says it's repaid bailout money freeing the bank
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from oversight. you hear of the flamingo. 43 birds are smaller than the original but have a big job, they're here to raise awareness of dyslexia. some students designed them and installed them overnight. if you'd like to bid on a bird, there's a silent auction. >> still ahead, the search for a missing mother, the latest move by her husband that could raise some suspicion. try dancing with gran ma. some more cold heading our way. the five-day forecast is next. first here's the wall street report. everything is up.
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. now, first warning weather, complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. mile night around the region staying above freezing. tomorrow morning, clouds and sun mixed and maybe some fog in
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some areas. temperatures 38 to the low 40s downtown. the rest of the day back into the 50s before it starts to cool off many the day. temperatures drop back around the freezing mark. 40, maybe upper 30s. 42 for thursday, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy on friday. a high of 40. late saturday night into sunday morning, maybe a few snow flurries possible. >> thank you. grim news news in the search for three missing hikers. one was found dead this weekend. crews maintain high hopes as they continue to search for other two. we have the latest from oregon. >> reporter: authorities say that they left the timber line lodge at 1:00 a.m. friday morning and expected back in the afternoon but never
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returnd. >> the text message was transmitted shortly after they departed, about 1:30:00 a.m. >> the body of the 26-year-old found saturday morning. >> he was like my son. he did everything for me. >> reporter: teams believe that the other two climbers may be close to where the body was discovered. they found a camera near by, none were carrying locaters to send out signals to searchers. >> ground teams started searching but at lower elevations because of avalanche dangers. a mother in utah still missing and the husband obtained an attorney. they say her disappearance is suspicious. her husband josh said he left her at home alone to take the
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children on a camping trip late at night in subfreezing temperatures. pakistan officials say that the five young men were detained last week and seeking so join up with militant groups. they refused a request to have them deported. investigators only found clothes, cell phone and a book. all five are students in their 20s from virginia. in ohio, several offices are closed. investigators say someone through an explosive guys through a window. most of the damage caused by the sprinkler systems. the italian prime minister hit in the face with a small
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statue. the 73-year-old has a broken nose and two broken teeth but surgery won't be necessary. a 42-year-old man with a history of mental problems has been arrested. a nasa rocket blasts into orbit. >> 3, 2, 1 we have ignition and liftoff of the delta 2 rocket. >> the early-morning liftoff took off in california. the infrared survey explorer searches out stars and comets. the results will point out targets for future missions to study in further detail. you can save money and protect the environment at the same time. here's mary bubala with some ideas on how to be an energy saver. >> reporter: water heating is the third largest expence
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utility in your home. lower your thermostat, it comes with high temperature settings. insulate your water tank and be careful not to cover the thermostat and insulate the first hot and cold water pipes connect to the heater. >> for more information, go to, click on the special section on the home teenager. time for some of the stories in the baltimore sun. a civil suit against wells fargo and a vaccine against the deadly flu complication hasn't gotten to those most at risk. read tomorrow's baltimore sun. check in with us at 6:00 for
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more coming up. computer technicians found white house e- mail from the bush administration. a deer in colorado got too close to decorations, the large male deer was spotted two weeks ago with christmas lights hanging from the ateliers. wildlife experts say they will leave them alone. they expect the lights will come off even if the deer waits until the antlers are shed. it seems susan boyl started a trend. talented women getting their
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time to shine. a 75-year-old grandmother has taken the dance world by storm. >> reporter: she was a toddler in the '30s when she first put on a show but a career in dance put on hold when she married at age 22. after her husband's death, she wanted something to fill the time on retirement in spain and found it. british grandmother sarah jones has become the salsa queen of the show. she's on her way to the final and the latest sensation on the internet. >> i'm 75. >> are you worried about getting injured? >> he hasn't drop me once in 5
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1/2 years. >> she was wiping the floor in dance displayed across europe and the u.s. celebrity didn't strike until she stunned the judges. the energy comes from attitude and a good diet she says adding when the music plays, i just want to move. >> unbelievable. cougar. >> absolutely. i think it's beautiful. eyewitness sports is next. >> reporter: it's the classic contrast between victory and defeat. the ravens field of joy and the lions feel the pain. the difference is dramatic when we continue.
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everybody feels better, from the cold night and the loss in green bay, what a difference in the span of six days, ravens fans are feeling better about the playoff possibilities. a highlight game for rice. this touchdown run, watch the wide receiver clear the path with a textbook block, mason and rice celebrated in the end zone and at the press conference podium. it's found win a game 48-3. >> i'm going to get out of here and let ray come here. he had a phenomenal game. >> you're a great blocker. he catches, runs and blocks,
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and took a hit. >> i stay at a holiday inn last night. >> i didn't say that. >> now check out the difference across the field where there was a time-out and challenged them to stop the ravens. he used to work for the ravens. >> i didn't like the fact that the ball was getting run down our throats and called the team over to let them know upset i was going to be if they scored a touchdown and tried to rally them. >> not us, not going to be us and there's going to be some accountability for this. >> can't help but feel for jim. lions is 2-11. the late baseball note,
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sports reports that holiday traded. he is working on an extension. the phillies trading as part of a three-way deal. coming up, a baltimore native has the night of his life in the nba. cranking up the highlight machine and a look at the former high star did to the miami heat ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. >> he did it all. good for him. >> thanks. still to come, on the scene where three people
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>> a day after the big win several players take time to give to the city's youth. >> a wonderful fall evening. how long will the conditions last? bob bob has the answer. >> that and the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. shootout with police. >> city officers opened fire on a suspect after they say he shot two people. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> i'm vic carter. >> the gunshots rang out this afternoon in south baltimore and right now three people are in the hospital. wjz is l


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